Running a
successful business

Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Gongdong Medical Plastics Factory) was established in 1985 in Huangyan, Taizhou, an economically developed city.


Company Culture.

Constantly improve the ability of Products, service, quality control, enhance each worker’s devotion and respect of their career. All the employee put every effort to achieve the dream of Gongdong to be the well-known brand all over the world.

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Purification injection

Production is of paramount importance to Gongdong and to this end the company has undergone a great deal of expansion since its modest beginnings in 2012.

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Company News

Gongdong is obsessed with every detail of the products and fast and efficient after-sales service. Every products is responsible for each and every problem will be taken seriously.

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